Churches that are successful with Google Ads run Paid Google Ads continually, understand what church keywords are important, why increasing web traffic is important, and why their website is important. They measure their first time guest to web traffic ratio and maximize their website to answer the questions first time guests are asking. They trust Rocket Media to help them accomplish these goals.

Run Google Ads continuously to maintain visibility. There isn’t a day when you do not want to be found on Google Search. When people are looking for a church home, we want them to find you. Google Ads are not seasonal, like just for Christmas and Easter, they are continual, like your website. Many of our clients have been running their Google Ads for years and years.

Google Ads help you find people in your city who are looking for a church to attend this weekend. It’s web traffic based off of desire, not simply display. The most valuable web traffic in your website is from Google Ads for Churches.

When someone invites a friend to your church this weekend, they are still going to go to your website before attending. We want them to find your website faster. It assists personal invitation every time.

This is a great question to ask your sales rep. Typically there are thousands of searches your ads can display on each month.

Both can be effective. Google Ads target search intent, while Facebook/Instagram Ads target interests. It’s important to have a portfolio of marketing products. There are no silver bullets in marketing. If you can only afford one right now, we encourage you to start with Google Ads. Then add Meta next.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform where Churches pay to display their church in front of searches in their city. The ads are placed at the top of search results. They might have the word “sponsored” next to them. They are great for getting in front of thousands of searches, and converting more web traffic, especially when your church is new or lower in the search results.

Google Ads are paid advertisements that appear in search results, while SEO involves optimizing your website to rank higher in organic search results. Paid advertisements appear near the top of the page, organic search results are below.

Search ads appear on Google search result pages, usually at the top or bottom, marked with an ‘Ad’ label.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic through organic search engine results. Rocket Media has SEO plans to help you increase your organic results with listing, on page and off page optimization.

It’s a program for nonprofits offering free Google Ads, but it is not effective for churches because they are not allowed to compete with a paid Google Ad client in the same city/market. Many “Non-Profit Google Ads for Churches” companies artificially increase their clicks by not geofencing your ads, so they display all over the US. The most effective Google Ads are paid local campaigns.

Paid ads often have higher visibility, more clicks, and get fantastic local results. These perform very well for a local church. The Grant Ad campaigns split the results amongst the grantees in a city, and they are not allowed to competed against a paid Google Advertiser in that city. The free Google Ads Grant is really meant for large non-profit organizations who already have a large amount of unique organic searches for them each month.

These are the listings that appear in Google Maps when a user searches for places or businesses. We can help you increase your Maps results with our SEO plans.

It is a free tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including search and maps. We can update and maximize your GMB page to best reflect your organization. Just ask your Rocket Media sales rep for help with this.

A keyword is a term used in digital marketing to describe a word or phrase that users enter into search engines. Choose keywords relevant to your church and community. We use 3 years worth of data in your community to choose the best keywords for your church.

Geofencing is location-targeted advertising. We can use zip codes, cities, and more to properly geofence your single or multiple church locations. We always geofence our advertising campaigns. Other Free Google Ads for Churches companies do not geofence, artificially increasing their click numbers.

Track your Google Ads via your Google Ads Dashboard, reviewing the campaigns we’ve set up for you. Typically we optimize Google Ads campaigns to only display to people who have not yet visited your website, if you would like, we can send it to people who have been to your website as well.

Due to budget pacing, targeting settings, and ad rotation, you might not see your ad every time you search for them. We also recommend not searching for them, because if you see your ad and click it, it costs you money, also if you see your ad, and don’t click it, you will harm your click through rate with Google.

Google Ads allows for geographical targeting, and so we set up Geo-fences for your campaigns. If someone is living inside of or was recently inside of that geofence, they will have the opportunity to be served an advertisement.

Monitor ad performance through metrics such as impressions, clicks, and website traffic analytics. For Churches, our goal is to increase web traffic to your website, so more people choose to visit for the first time. Start measuring your monthly web traffic to first time guest ratio, and measure against year over year numbers to see how much you are improving.

To measure who is new, and how they found your church, use connection cards, welcome desk check-ins, personnel counting new guests, kids church registration, and online registration forms for new visitors. Ask “Did you visit our website before attending our church?” “Did you use Google to find our church or get directions for our church?”

Track web analytics to see traffic and compare it with the number of first-time guests through cards, registrations, and more. Then compare, year over year, what your web traffic to first time guest ratio looks like. Ask yourself, “how can I increase web traffic?” “Have I given people enough information to make a decision to attend our church from our website?”

Complete Google’s verification process by submitting necessary details about your business and adhering to their policies. Our team can do this process for you. Just submit your drivers license.

We will help you review Google’s ad policies to identify the issue, make corrections, and submit an appeal to Google. More than likely, there is an old Google Ads account associated with your church that needs to be turned off.

A negative review is your opportunity to show how calm and normal you are as a church. Respond professionally to the review, address any concerns, and work on improving services to gather more positive reviews. Would you like that review removed? We can always work on that for you.

Maybe a blessing in disguise, The Google Ad Grant is not a great product at all for churches. But if you would like to get it, just review the eligibility requirements, make necessary adjustments if possible, and consider reapplying.

Many “Non-Profit Google Ads for Churches” companies artificially increase their clicks by not geofencing your ads, so they display all over the US. The most effective Google Ads are paid campaigns. Some may not provide personalized service or fully optimize campaigns for success. Always research the credibility and track record of the company.

Review the terms and conditions of your contract to understand cancellation policies and repercussions. Typically there is an assessed fee if you are in the middle of your contract with us. Many contracts renew annually, check your agreement and reach out to your sales rep. We do consider waiving fees for circumstances such as a church closure.

Update the new address on your Google My Business profile to ensure accurate and updated information for users. If you need help just reach out to our team.

We don’t guarantee any results or make large claims. But our clients who are disciplined in marketing do see great return on their investments. Its not about quick fix, try it for 2 months then try something else marketing. The clients who see the best results understand that it only takes 1 to 2 tithing families to more than pay for their monthly marketing investments. They also know losing visibility today, means losing opportunities tomorrow.

We do not insure your marketing campaign, and we do not offer insurance for your marketing campaigns. So if it rains (for our churches in the south) or blizzards (in the north), or there is a hurricane, we are not able to offer refunds. However you can reach out to our team and see if we would be willing to offer a discount or promotion for your next large campaign with us.

Yes we have financing partners that can help you fund your vision. Just reach out to your Rocket Media sales rep.

We would love to help, please reach out to our finance team through your sales rep, or email JM@TheRocket.Media to have your finance question sent to the proper teammate.

Reach out to your Rocket Media rep. We are digital marketing professionals specializing in Google Ads.