Plans & Pricing

Monthly Marketing Plans
Many of our clients have products that need to be managed monthly. Google Adwords, YouTube and Social Media traffic campaigns are always working each month to bring new leads and visitors to your business or non-profit. These plans are contracted for 12 months, billed monthly, and 12 month plans are renewed annually. Our clients love how affordable monthly marketing can be for their business.

Campaign/Event Based Marketing Plans
We are able to launch campaign based marketing plans for large events like grand openings, new campus launches, special holidays, and fundraising events. These events may have larger budgets with specific attendance goals in mind. We have helped clients with launch events as small as 400 people and large as 1000 to 5000 people in attendance. 

Pricing for Marketing Services
We custom quote our marketing services and plans for each client based on their goals. We make suggested spending quotes based on keyword research, traffic goals, and sales lead goals. We work with very large marketing budgets, moderate sized budgets, and start-up budgets. We offer special discounted rates for non-profits, church planters, and clients who are part of our networks like CMN, ARC, and other affiliates.

Reporting and Transparency
We have monthly reporting available for each client and their campaigns. You can choose to receive reporting emailed to you each month or each quarter. Want to watch your products even closer? You can interact with our reporting software and check in every day if you would like to see how your products are working for you.

Why our Clients Love Working with Us
The reason why our clients love working with us is because we love working hard for our clients. Hiring a marketing agency can be a difficult decision and we want to make sure you are confident with your decision. Contact our team today with all of your questions and goals for your business or non-profit. 

Lets connect for a conversation, call us now or schedule a free consultation with our team.