Our Church/Non-Profit Consultation Services

Church Planter / Start-Up Marketing Consultation:

We are thankful to partner with church planters helping them during their most critical moments gathering a launch team and also raising the funds necessary to launch strong. Strategic marketing is especially important when your budget has to stretch. We have helped many church planters launch strong and we would love to consult you. 

Website Strategy
Brand Strategy
Launch Campaign Strategy
Post-Launch Campaign Strategy

Event Marketing Consultation:

Your annual large events can propel your mission forward. Wether its Easter, Christmas, an annual fundraiser/gala or maybe you are launching a service we would love to help consult on the most effective strategies to reach more people. 

Event Brand/Messaging
Event Marketing Strategy
Event Followthrough

Church Growth Marketing Consultation:

If you feel as though your church is stuck, or growth has slowed, we can help you move forward and jumpstart growth for your church again. Or maybe your church is growing and you are ready to expand your marketing strategy moving forward. We can help you be more effective and reach more people this year.

Assessment of current marketing effectiveness.
Identify growth opportunities and options.
Onsite team training and development.
Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Legacy Team / Fundraising Consultation:

Have you ever wanted to create a team of givers in your church that are willing to step up to the plate when an opportunity presents itself? We can consult on how to create, communicate, and pastor the people who are propelling your church into the future: a legacy team.

Help Find Legacy Team Leaders
Create Legacy Team Events
Coach Pastor/Legacy Leader
Implement Legacy Team System

Other Services We Provide:

Paid Google Adwords Campaigns (Search, Display, Youtube and more.)
Public Relations + Crisis Public Relations
Media Buying (billboards, radio, tv, magazine, direct mail, etc.)
Website Creation